Information photonics is an emerging and dynamic discipline that encompasses state-of-the-art techniques, devices, frameworks, and practical implementations relating to the integration of optics within the information society. The principal objective of this conference is to bring together a global community of esteemed scientists, researchers, engineers, and students, cultivating a platform for comprehensive and in-depth discussions regarding the most recent advancements in the field of information photonics.


Topics of Interest

  • Information Acquisition
    Optical memory, Optical data storage, Light-field camera, Fringe analysis, Light-in-flight recording, Beam scanning techniques, Internet of things (IOT) optics.
  • Information Processing
    Optical computing and switching, Optoelectronic data processing, Nano photonics, Pump-probe technique, Adaptive optics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep learning, THz modulation.
  • Metaverse Photonics and Information Display
    3D display, Volumetric display, Holography display, Aerial display, Head-up display, Near-to-eye display, VR/ AR/MR optics, Light/Holographic art..
  • Optical Imaging and Metrology
    Automated optical inspection, Light-field imaging, Quantitative phase imaging, Optofluidic devices, Computational imaging, Compressive imaging, Structured illumination imaging, Ptychography, Optical coherence tomography, Imaging in scattered medium, X-ray techniques, THz detection and imaging.
  • Related Technology and Applications
    Computer-generated holography, Digital holography, Phase conjugation, Ultrafast detection, Spatial light modulator