Best Student Paper Award

Paper Title Author
No. 250076
Neuroblastoma Cell Death Identification using Biophysical Parameters from Holographic Tomography
Chung-Hsuan Huang (National Taiwan Normal University)
No. 250063
Binary Computer-Generated Hologram Quality Enhancement by Simulated-Annealing Binary Search
Chen-Ming Tsai (National Taiwan University)
No. 250021
Improvement of Reconstruction Efficiency for Gesture Recognition by Single-Pixel-Imaging Using Apparent Image with Latent Random Pattern for Each RGB Color Plane
Hiroki Takatsuka (Utsunomiya University)
No. 250028
Wavelength coded volume holographic gratings based fluorescence microscopy
Yu-Hsin Chia (National Taiwan University)
No. 250033
Single-pixel Vortex Phase Microscopy via Convolutional Filtering
Jigme Zangpo (Kochi University of Technology)
No. 250052
Diffraction Inhibiting Optical Element for Under Display Camera
Wen Hao Cheng (National Taiwan University)
No. 250051
Waveguide thickness on color breaking in HOE-based AR display system
Zih Fan Chen (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)